Real name: Hank
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 3
(Apr 1980)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Mike Vosburg


Nick Trask



Hank is the name of one of Nick Trask's henchmen.


Hank joined Nick Trask as he paid a visit to Weasel, whom as Trask suspected would betray him to help the truck driver Jake. After Trask's pet snake killed Weasel with venom, Trask ordered Hank to bring Weasel's body with him.

He was later present when Trask was observing the video camera from his She-Droid as it battled She-Hulk. Trask then sent Hank and Angelo to capture Sheriff Morris Walters in order to set a trap for the She-Hulk. This plan shocked the pair of henchmen, though they agreed to go along with it nonetheless. After taking Sheriff Walters prisoner, Hank and Angelo returned to Trask's hideout where Trask revealed his grand plan.

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