Holden Holliway was one of the senior partners of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, the most prestigious law firm on the American east coast. Holliway’s underage, orphaned granddaughter is the super-villain known as Southpaw, which inspired Holliway to found a pioneering law division for superhuman law. “When the laws of reality are broken, we shall find solutions through the law of man”, told Holliway to his employees, who included baseline humans, speedsters, a shape-shifter, an android, and others.

Holliway also arranged his lawyers to go in court against Jennifer Walters, the lawyer and the super-heroine known as the She-Hulk. Walters won the case, but GLK&H managed to get a mistrial by arguing that the She-Hulk had undue leverage over the jury after she had saved the world with the Avengers. This partially led to She-Hulk’s dismissal from her legal firm and left She-Hulk free to take Holliway’s job offer. Nevertheless, Holliway placed a condition that the She-Hulk would have to work in her human form as Walters.

When Southpaw was finally arrested, Holliway used all of GLK&H’s resources to get her released into GLK&H’s custody and under She-Hulk’s direct supervision to wait for her trial. This surprise made both Southpaw and the She-Hulk quite unhappy. Unbeknownst to Holliway and the others, Southpaw was helping the Mad Thinker's android simulacrum and several other super-villains escape from the prison, but she switched sides after the U-Foes threatened Holliway. After this Southpaw and Holliway began to settle their differences a bit, but she would still revolt. Holliway encouraged She-Hulk to join the Magistrati, the Living Tribunal’s agents of universal law, even though she and Southpaw were then in space for months and Holliway and his employees had to mislead the authorities to believe that Southpaw was still in their custody during this time. Fortunately She-Hulk and Southpaw returned before her planned trial.

When GLK&H’s apartment and office buildings were attacked and destroyed by Titania, Southpaw escaped with the severed head of the Mad Thinker android. Holliway then began using his personal fortunes to track down Southpaw and left the rebuilt Superhuman Law Offices under the guidance of the mysterious Mr. Zix. Anyhow, Holliway was secretly present at She-Hulk’s time trial.

Holliway eventually resigned from GLK&H and was replaced by the firm's Mallory Book. Apparently he is still looking for his granddaughter.