"Deconstructed, Part Six"
Hulk Vol 4 6
General Information
Series: Hulk (She-Hulk volume 4)
Issue Number: 6
First Published: July 2017
Previous Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 5
Next Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 7

Official SolicitationEdit


  • Ever since the events of the second super hero civil war, JEN WALTERS has been doing everything she can to prevent herself from transforming into her rage-filled alter ego...
  • ...but now she must confront a dark force called forward by MAISE BREWN’s fear. To survive, and save the lives of those around her, Jen is going to have to give in to her anger and become…
  • ...THE HULK.


"Deconstructed, Part Six"Edit

During a flashback, She-Hulk tells her cousin Bruce that he works too hard, but Bruce replies that she doesn't need to worry about him. In the present, a crowd has appeared outside of Maise Brewn's apartment building due to the commotion. As Maise and her neighbors start to panic, Jennifer transforms into the gray-skinned She-Hulk. She immediately engages with the Fear Golem, though she struggles to think strategically. After a few hits, the golem shows images of a bloody Bruce to She-Hulk, causing her to fly into a berserk rage. She continues to attack the golem until Maise shouts for her to stop.

"You're a monster," Maise says. She-Hulk argues that she tried to help Maise, but Maise calls her a liar and tells her she no longer wishes to be a part of this world. She-Hulk stops the Fear Golem from killing Maise, though she then tries to burn the apartment down with her inside. She-Hulk grabs Maise and flees the apartment. The fire causes an explosion which presumably destroys the Fear Golem.

Later, paramedics take Maise away in an ambulance, though She-Hulk notes that she'll need a good lawyer as she's been arrested for reckless endangerment. One week later, Jennifer attends an opening party in Bruce's honor at Empire State University. Several other Avengers are present, but it is Florida Mayers who approaches Jennifer. After a brief conversation, Jennifer leaves, though she feels more optimistic about the things to come.


  • Christina Harrington -- Assistant Editor
  • Jeff Dekal -- Cover Artist
  • Manny Mederos -- Designer
  • Mark Paniccia -- Editor
  • Mariko Tamaki -- Writer
  • Matt Milla -- Colorist
  • Nico Leon -- Artist
  • VC's Cory Petit -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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