Jill Stevens
Real name: Jill Stevens
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 2 (Mar 1980)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Michael Vosburgh


West Magazine



Jill Stevens was a writer at West Magazine in Los Angeles and Jennifer Walters's best friend. Many around the pair noted the similarities in their physical appearances, though Jill had darker brown hair while Jennifer had lighter brown hair.


Best friends since childhood, Jill Stevens and Jennifer Walters were nearly inseparable. Jill had always been there for Jen and vice versa. After Jennifer was shot by Nick Trask's henchmen, Jill was there to help her recover. She would drive her to and from work, though she started to feel Jennifer becoming distant with her. Although she wished her friend would stay home and get rest, Jill nevertheless supported Jennifer's decision to go back to work so quickly after her attack. She later drove Jennifer to the county jail to speak to Trask's goons, as well as the sheriff's office to speak to Jen's father, Morris Walters about the whereabouts of Nick Trask.

Later, when returning home, Jill and Jen were invited by Mrs. Ridge to their backyard barbecue. After their meal, Mrs. Ridge received a phone call from the district attorney's office requesting Jennifer come to the office. Jill volunteered to drive there herself, and drove off in Jen's car before Jennifer and Zapper realized it was a trap. On the road, Jill panicked as she discovered the accelerator had jammed and the brakes had been sabotaged. She sped through the city, honking at those around her and screaming for them to get out of the way.

Jill started to drive onto the highway when She-Hulk appeared and created a blockade with a bus. As She-Hulk stood with her arms outstretched, ready to stop Jill's vehicle, Jill wondered if She-Hulk was really Jennifer. Before She-Hulk was able to save Jill, Buck Bukowski crashed into her which caused Jill to hit the bus, bouncing off the vehicle and driving off the highway into a flammable truck. She-Hulk attempted to save Jill from the wreckage but had found her best friend had already died. Due to her similar appearance to Jennifer, and the fact that she was driving Jen's car, the public believed Jennifer Walters had died in the accident.

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