Morris Walters
Real name: Morris Walters
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 2 (Mar 1980)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Michael Vosburgh


Los Angeles County Police Department


Police training.

Morris Walters is a sheriff in Los Angeles and She-Hulk's father.


Sheriff Morris Walters fought long and hard to bring the She-Hulk to justice, believing her to be a murder and having no idea that the creature was really his daughter, Jennifer. After discovering the truth, Morris reluctantly accepted the fact, but still held a disdain for the She-Hulk and missed the daughter he used to know. At one point, he dated Beverly Cross, who was secretly a criminal using Morris for his status. He also became romantically involved with Louise Mason, She-Hulk's best friend. At one point, he was almost killed by the Rumbler, an old enemy of his. He survived the attack, though She-Hulk did not. Morris was filled with guilt, but was delighted when She-Hulk returned from the dead. He continues to live in Los Angeles with Louise Mason.

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