Ruby Thursday
Real name: Thursday Rubinstein
First Appearance: Defenders #32 (Feb 1976)

Created by:

Steve Gerber
Sal Buscema
Jim Mooney




Malleable red orb for a head

Ruby Thursday is a former member of the Headmen, a group of Defenders villains, who has battled She-Hulk on multiple occasions.


Ruby Thursday first encountered She-Hulk after the Headmen had captured the jade giantess in order for Chondu to use her body for his own. She was defeated in battle by Spider-Man.

Later, Ruby was involved in a car chase with Hellcat. She-Hulk intervened, though instead of attacking the villainess, went for Hellcat, an unlicensed superhero after the events of Civil War. Ruby Thursday was eventually found and defeated by Two-Gun Kid.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ruby Thursday’s head has been replaced with a mass of “organic circuitry”. The red spherical mass can alter its shape so she can form tentacles and fire projectiles and energy blasts. If the sphere is removed from the body, Ruby can still control her body.

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