"The She-Hulk Lives"
General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 1
First Published: February 1980
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 2


"The She-Hulk Lives"Edit

On the run from the police, Bruce Banner makes his way to Los Angeles where his cousin, Jennifer Walters works as a lawyer. He finds Jennifer's office, and the two embrace each other. Jen could tell something was wrong by Bruce's face, and he explains the events that led to him becoming the superhuman Hulk. Jennifer tells Bruce that she wants him to come back to her house with her, but he warns her that she may be in danger for helping him. As they drive back to Jen's house, she reveals that she's working on a case trying to put criminal Nick Trask in prison for the framing of Lou Monkton. She tells Bruce that she planted a rumor that she found secret evidence proving Trask murdered his bodyguard, and not Monkton.

As they arrive at her house, Jennifer is gunned down by a pair of thugs. Bruce fights them off with a water hose and takes Jennifer inside the house. The thugs drive off, afraid that the noise from the gunshots will attract unwanted attention from Jennifer's neighbors. Inside the house, Bruce tries to control his anger so that he does not transform into the Hulk. He decides that he cannot wait for an ambulance, and breaks into one of Jen's neighbors houses for use of medical equipment. He gives Jennifer a blood transfusion which saves her life long enough for the ambulance to come and take her to the hospital. The police, however, are suspicious of Bruce Banner's lack of identification. Bruce turns into the Hulk and punches a hole through the wall in order to flee. The next day, Bruce reads in the newspaper that Jennifer will recover. He decides to leave Los Angeles since he knows Jen will be safe.

At the hospital, Jennifer begins to feel strange. Her skin and bones begin tingling, but she shrugs it off as being part of the medicine the doctors gave her. Suddenly, Trask's henchmen enter her room disguised as doctors and attempt to murder her with chloroform. Jennifer, enraged, knocks the three thugs away from her. They look up to see a giant, green-skinned woman. "It's like -- she's some kind'a She-Hulk!" says one of the thugs. Jennifer decides to keep with the She-Hulk name as she beats the trio. They quickly attempt to escape through the hospital, but She-Hulk chases after them. The hospital's staff, confused, try to stop She-Hulk from leaving, but she barrels through them as she chases after the criminals. The trio manage to get in their escape vehicle, but She-Hulk throws a stop light at the car, disabling it. She grabs one of the thugs and manages to threaten the truth out of him, that Nick Trask did indeed frame Monkton for the murder that he committed himself. The police overheard this and took the thugs into custody. She-Hulk, weakening, returns to the hospital determined to live with her newfound transformation.


  • Chic Stone -- Inker
  • Irving Watanabe -- Cover Artist
  • Joe Rosen -- Letterer
  • John Buscema -- Penciler and Inker
  • Stan Lee -- writer
  • Tom DeFalco -- editor


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  • Los Angeles, California