"The Girl From Gamma Gamma Gamma"
General Information
Series: She-Hulk (volume 1)
Issue Number: 1
First Published: May 2004
Next Issue: She-Hulk (v1) 2


"The Girl From Gamma Gamma Gamma"Edit

Years ago, Jennifer Walters studied quietly in her dorm room at Hershey Hall, housing for UCLA School of Law, while her classmates partied outside her room. During her graduation, Jennifer graduated in the top ten percent of her class, though her classmates had no idea who she was. Her father, Morris embraced Jennifer after the ceremony, telling her how proud he is, and how proud her mother would be. The rest of the graduates rush off to celebrate, leaving Jennifer alone with her father.

In the present time, Jennifer awakens with a handsome European model named Mika. However, Jennifer attempts to return to her She-Hulk persona to avoid embarrassment, which leads to her flinging Mika off the bed. Later that morning, Jarvis begrudgingly prepares breakfast for She-Hulk and Mika.

She-Hulk rushes to court to prosecute a man who had improperly stored antarctic vibranium. She notes that his lawyer is Mallory Book, "the face who's never lost a case." Book's boss, Holden Holliway, sat in the audience. Suddenly, She-Hulk is contacted by the Avengers, and asks for a brief recess.

She-Hulk joins the Avengers as they battled M.O.D.O.K., Blizzard, and several A.I.M. agents in space. She-Hulk realizes that Blizzard is boosting M.O.D.O.K.'s freeze ray, and takes Blizzard out. After the battle, She-Hulk throws a victory party in the Avengers mansion. Iron Man and Captain America discuss how they need to tell She-Hulk that "the party is officially over."

The next day in court, the jury quickly sides with She-Hulk, winning her the case. She-Hulk's boss, Blake Tower throws a party for her, and she invites her fling Mika over. That night, Mika slips away from She-Hulk, who wakes up as he leaves. He ends things with the superheroine, stating that he needs someone with more depth. Soon after, she's approached by Captain America and Wasp, who tell her she can no longer live at the Avengers mansion after she's abused her privileges. When she returns to work, Blake Tower fires She-Hulk, revealing that Mallory Book had managed to get a mistrial due to She-Hulk saving Earth.

After suffering many blows to her ego, She-Hulk sat in a bar drinking her sorrows away. She's approached by several men, but she casts them all away. Soon, she's attacked by the Blizzard, who wants revenge for his earlier defeat. After realizing he's out of his league, Blizzard agrees to join She-Hulk for some drinks. He ends up getting completely drunk and passes out on the floor. Holden Holliway then greets She-Hulk, offering her a job at his firm, but only as Jennifer Walters and not the party girl She-Hulk. She transforms back into Jennifer, but becomes overly intoxicated and vomits all over herself, Blizzard, and Holliway's pants. "You start on Monday," Holliway says.


  • Dan Slott -- Writer
  • Juan Bobillo -- Penciler
  • Marcelo Sosa -- Inker
  • Chris Chuckry -- Colors
  • VC's Dave Sharpe -- Letters
  • Tom Breevort -- Editor


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  • Los Angeles (flashback)

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