She-Hulk Vol 3 1
General Information
Series: She-Hulk (volume 3)
Issue Number: 1
First Published: April 2014
Next Issue: She-Hulk (v3) 2



At the offices of Paine & Luckberg, LLP., She-Hulk is asked by her assistant Cynthia if she's nervous about her review. She-Hulk is completely confident that her review will be impeccable, as she's done amazing work for the law office. Inside the partners' conference room, Mr. Luckberg and Mr. Paine greet She-Hulk, then inform her that she will be receiving no bonus this year. She-Hulk is shocked, but Paine and Luckberg explain that they expected She-Hulk's connections with the Avengers and other superheroes to bring in work from them. She-Hulk angrily explains that her relationships to other heroes are sacred to her, and before Luckberg is able to fire her, she quits. As she leaves, she overhears them shrugging off her departure, so she destroys their expensive conference desk with her index finger.

Later, at a bar that lawyers frequent, She-Hulk is approached by a woman named Holly Harlow. She claims that her deceased husband, Jonas, had his inventions stolen by Tony Stark. She-Hulk agrees to speak to Tony.

At Stark Tower, She-Hulk is directed to the eighteenth floor by a pair of female androids. She makes her way to the floor and is greeted by "Legal," Tony Stark's legal department consisting of one older gentleman. He brushes off the Harlow case and gives a long-winded explanation, which causes She-Hulk to leave. In court the next day, Tony's lawyers spin a story of She-Hulk holding a personal grudge against Tony Stark due to their past confrontations and romantic relationship.

She-Hulk joins Holly to investigate Jonas's equipment. While searching through the objects, She-Hulk is attacked by a robot. She destroys the robot, but finds a number of cassette tapes on the ground. She returns to Stark Tower and thrashes Tony's automatic security droids. She then confronts Tony and reveals that Jonas Harrow had recorded a meeting with Stark's employee Eddie Finch, who had apparently taken the idea of a repulsor ray and used it for Stark. She-Hulk convinces Tony to pay Holly the money she deserves. At the lawyer bar, Holly finds She-Hulk once again. She thanks her for everything she has done for her, and gives her a check of $150,000.

With the money given to her by Holly, She-Hulk opens up her own office.


  • Charles Soule -- Writer
  • Frankie Johnson -- Assistant Editor
  • Javier Pulido -- Artist
  • Munsta Vicente -- Colorist
  • VC's Clayton Cowles -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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