"He Who Wouldn't Be King"
She-Hulk Vol 3 3
General Information
Series: She-Hulk (volume 3)
Issue Number: 3
First Published: June 2014
Previous Issue: She-Hulk (v3) 2
Next Issue: She-Hulk (v3) 4


"He Who Wouldn't Be King"Edit

The story opens with She-Hulk (in her Jennifer Walters appearance) and Kristoff Vernard surrounded by a bunch of Doctor Doom's robot minions. Then, it flashes back to She-Hulk speaking to Kristoff in her office. He reiterates that he wishes to defect from Latveria, and seeks political asylum in the United States. She-Hulk leaves Angie Huang in charge of the office as she takes Kristoff to get coffee. As they drink their coffee, Kristoff reveals to She-Hulk that his father wishes to perpetuate his own rule through him after he is gone. He wants to find his own way in life instead of being someone else's puppet. He offers She-Hulk heaps of money in Latverian francs, to which She-Hulk finally accepts.

During the interview process, She-Hulk discovers Kristoff had been in the United States for exactly one year. She grabs Kristoff and rushes outside to get a taxi, as there's a one year limitation on asylum claims. Kristoff motions for his driver Ernst to pick them up. While driving to the courthouse, She-Hulk calls in a favor with a judge whose daughter she saved from skrulls, while Kristoff speaks to his lover on his phone. Suddenly, She-Hulk realizes that Ernst is taking the pair to the airport instead of the courthouse, and Ernst reveals himself to be a doombot. She-Hulk prepares to strike at Ernst, but he ejects her out of the vehicle. However, She-Hulk crashes down, destroying Ernst and saving Kristoff. But she realizes the time is passing and that they only have a half hour to get there. She-Hulk grabs the Fantasticar from a hangar at the airport and the pair fly off to the courthouse.

In the present, Jennifer transforms into She-Hulk and attacks the robots surrounding them. A robot tries to grab Kristoff, but it is revealed the hooded person is actually Hellcat. She-Hulk and Hellcat destroy all of the doombots. She-Hulk, her clothes torn, runs into the courthouse and manages to convince the judge to grant asylum to Kristoff. Suddenly, Doctor Doom himself bursts into the courtroom through the ceiling. She-Hulk tells Kristoff not to go with him, but he gives up and allows Doom to take him. She-Hulk warns Doctor Doom that she's going to get Kristoff back.


  • Charles Soule -- Writer
  • Frankie Johnson -- Assistant Editor
  • Javier Pulido -- Artist
  • Munsta Vicente -- Colorist
  • VC's Clayton Cowles -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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