Real name: Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran
First Appearance: Secret Wars #3 (Jul 1984)

Created by:

Jim Shooter
Mike Zeck


Masters of Evil
Frightful Four


Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, and durability.

Titania is the arch-nemesis of She-Hulk.


Born into a crowded family, Mary MacPherran grew up neglected and undernourished. She was bullied at school, particularly by Vanessa Ashwood. Her only escape was in the world of comic books, where she read about powerful women who fought and won against evil time and time again. After catching a glimpse of Spider-Woman one day, she revealed to her only friend Marsha Rosenberg that she was the heroine. It was a lie, of course, and after word spread around town that Mary was Spider-Woman, she became popular in an instant. She was even invited to one of Vanessa Ashwood's parties. However, the Secret Wars was beginning, and Mary's lies were brought into the open when Spider-Woman rescued the party-goers. Mary and her friend Marsha ran, where they were confronted by Dr. Doom. He offered them power, to which both outcasts accepted. Marsha became the fiery Volcana, and Mary became the menacing Titania.[1] The pair joined up with other villains, such as Dr. Octopus, the Wrecking Crew, and Molecule Man, fighting off the heroes. It was at this point Titania began a relationship with the Absorbing Man. It was also when Titania realized she was a failure, as she was defeated by She-Hulk numerous times before returning back to Earth.

After the events of the Secret Wars, Titania joined up with multiple groups such as the Masters of Evil and the Frightful Four, and often battled She-Hulk on her own. Each encounter met with failure, and Titania began to suffer from an inferiority complex. She married the Absorbing Man, but her confidence was unable to restore itself, even failing to defeat less powerful heroes such as Spider-Man.

Titania proved unable to stay away from She-Hulk, and after she recuperated from an illness, underwent an intense physical regimen to boost her abilities. However, She-Hulk had done so more efficiently, briefly reaching levels almost approaching those of the Hulk himself. Battered and inadvertently humiliated by her, Titania was offered the chance at revenge after obtaining the Power Gem, one of the legendary Infinity Gems, from its former owner, the former Champion of the Universe, now known as the Fallen One because of his own defeat at the She-Hulk's hands. The Fallen One had agreed to cease using the Power Gem as a condition of his defeat, but was free to gain his own revenge by proxy through Titania. After an initial defeat by the newly-empowered Titania, She-Hulk tricked her into believing that she had killed the Jade Giantess in a second battle; Titania's initial rush of triumph suddenly melted into uncertainty, as she realized that her life now had no meaning or focus without the object of her obsessive hatred. She-Hulk (in her normal form as Jennifer Walters) then took advantage of Titania's confusion to pluck the Power Gem from the criminal's forehead, and proceeded to use the Gem's power to knock Titania out with a single punch.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Thanks to cellular augmentation through radiation, Titania possesses immense superhuman physical strength that originally enabled her to match individuals such as the Thing, but later increased after performing rigorous prolonged weight-lifting training, and rivals her arch-nemesis, She-Hulk.

Titania's muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human, granting her superhuman levels of stamina.

Titania's body is also highly resistant to physical injury. She can withstand high caliber bullets, temperature extremes, falls from great heights, and severe blunt force trauma without sustaining injury.

Titania also possesses extensive experience in street-fighting techniques.

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