Real name: Marsha Rosenberg
First Appearance: Secret Wars #3 (Jul 1984)

Created by:

Jim Shooter
Mike Zeck


Doctor Doom (formerly)


Superhuman strength and durability; Can transform into a fiery plasma form.

Portrayed by:

Volcana is the best friend of She-Hulk's arch-nemesis, Titania.


Overweight and shy, Marsha Rosenberg lived an ordinary life in Denver, Colorado. She befriended fellow outcast Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran, and the two survived by sharing fantasies of being superheroes. Marsha even believed Mary when she told her that she was, in fact, Spider-Woman. A secret that she later shared with others, leading to a rift between the two.

However, when the Secret Wars began, both Marsha and Mary were abducted by Doctor Doom. He offered them great power at the price of their servitude to which they agreed. Marsha's body was genetically modified by alien technology and given the ability to transform into a molten lava form, suitable for her new codename of Volcana. Mary, likewise, was given incredible physical strength and durability, taking the name Titania.

During the war on "Battleworld," Volcana first battled She-Hulk. She later fell in love with fellow supervillain Molecule Man.

After the events of the Secret Wars, Marsha gave up villainy and attempted to live a peaceful life with the Molecule Man. This was short-lived, however, as Volcana often found herself helping others with her powers, even the Avengers and the Fantastic Four on occasion. She later ended her relationship with the Molecule Man.

Years later, under unknown circumstances, Volcana returned to committing criminal activities. She reunited with her former best friend, Titania, and helped battle She-Hulk over her Blue File. She-Hulk managed to defeat both supervillains, and Volcana was presumably imprisoned.

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