Real name: Weasel
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 3
(Apr 1980)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Mike Vosburg


Nick Trask



Weasel is a criminal and ally to mob boss Nick Trask.


A criminal contractor, Weasel worked on his own gig while also providing work for other criminals. He had at some point allied himself with Nick Trask. One of his agents, Jake, had been betrayed by Trask. Jake called Weasel begging for help against Trask, and offered money. Weasel agreed to this deal and told Jake to meet him at Jimbo's Junkyard at midnight. Little did Weasel know that Trask had been watching him, and his pet cobra bit Weasel. Weasel tried to convince Trask that he was setting Jake up for him, but Trask let him die from the cobra's venom.

Weasel's body was later found at the junkyard by Jake right before he was killed by the She-Droid.

Appearances in She-HulkEdit